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luton Airport Questions

Parking Questions at Luton Airport

Why do I need to pre-book?

As an discount agency we are offered luton airport parking at a reduced price, this in turn allows us to offer our clients substantial savings off many of our suppliers gate prices. Plus pre-booking guarantees your space even during peak periods.

What is a Gate Price?

The Gate Price is the price you would pay if you did not pre-book, the price you will pay at the gates to the car parks. In most cases the gate prices are significantly higher than the pre-booking rates.

Can I book at short notice?

Providing you can supply an e-mail address or fax number in which we can send you the relevant documentation you can book for the same day if needed (subject to availability).

How do I get directions to the car parks?

You will receive directions to your car park when your booking is confirmed. Alternatively, directions are also available on our website on the car park information page along with a map of the area.

What happens if my flight is delayed and I go over my parking period?

Any additional parking time is paid to the car park locally on your return.

luton airport questionsWill I have to hand in my car keys?

Some car parks require you to leave your keys. Please see your booking confirmation for further details.

How will I know that my booking has been completed?

At the end of the booking process you will be prompted to print your car parking voucher. If you are not given the option to print then you must wait for your voucher by email, if you do not receive your

Are there special facilities available for disabled passengers?

Each car park can accommodate disabled passengers, in most cases offering help with baggage etc, and offering wider parking spaces. However, we are not able to pre-book these spaces. You will need to contact the car parks directly for this. To obtain the number for the car parks please call our office and we will refer you to them.

Why is a week calculated as 8 days and two weeks calculated as 15 days?

One day is calculated as a whole day, irrespective of departure or arrival times. So for example a stay at the car park from Saturday to Saturday is calculated as 8 whole days and so therefore two weeks is calculated as 15 days.

Do I park my car myself?

At most car parks your car will be parked for you, however please see your booking confirmation for more information.

There is a minimum stay at the car park I want, but I require a stay shorter than the minimum?

You can stay for less than the minimum number of days at each car park, but you would have to pay the charge for the minimum stay. It is advised that you try the car parks directly as it may be possible to park for less than the minimum stay.

What does, Long term, Short term, Meet and Greet etc mean?

Please see our Luton airport parking guide for more info